Big FAFSA Changes Coming for The 24/25 Year!

Middle and Upper Middle Income Families Will Unfortunately Get Hit the Hardest!

In this webinar, 2 financial aid experts cover all the changes happening to the 24/25 FAFSA and what that will mean for you!

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The FAFSA Guru

Tina Steele, M.A. Higher Education

Tina has worked in Higher Education for 33 years and has expertise in college financial aid. She has helped thousands of families and students navigate the overwhelming and confusing financial aid process and maximize their financial aid offers.

She offers a number of programs and services with her signature offering being The FAFSA & Financial Aid Academy. This program guides the parents of high school seniors and their seniors step by step through the college financial aid process and helps them increase/maximize their financial aid offers.

Enrollment is currently open for rising HS seniors, class of 2024! The Academy begins in September and runs through May.

She also offers a free initial 10 minute consult call to anyone she has never worked with before that you can schedule directly through her website

She is passionate about helping families get prepared for the financial aid process, making it less stressful for them and guiding them in getting the best financial aid offers possible.

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